The Amtsschreiber Mill

Stately estate in the green

Like some other mills, the Amtsschreibermühle - one of the most stately mills - belonged to the Eisenberg monastery in the 16th century. Its appearance resembled a manor house and upscale gastronomy was cultivated there.

A few centuries later, the chemist and Nobel Prize winner Wilhelm Ostwald laid the foundation for a sensational experiment in 1912. He was convinced that industrialization was stunting people physically and mentally. Therefore, Wilhelm Ostwald bought the mill and the land belonging to it and soon built the "Unesma" settlement. Unesma means as much as the first. The residents provided for themselves with self-generated produce and the profits from their own printing press. Its goal was to create unity of spirit and nature. At the beginning, the experiment was a complete success!

Eventually, economic problems meant that the settlement did not last more than a year and a half. Nevertheless, the Amtsschreibersmühle remained in the possession of the Ostwald family. The mill was destroyed by fire in 1926. It was rebuilt as a vacation home and recreation center.

In the "Tourist - Wanderheft" of 1964 it is mentioned that the mill generated its own electricity and had a lighting through the forest in the direction of Eisenberg for late guests. At last the mill belonged to the family Richard Kühne, which had received the restaurant concession on November 28, 1927. From the year 1966 the property was used by the VEB Magdeburger Armaturenwerk "Karl Marx" as a company holiday home. Later the mill was sold to the Magdeburger Armaturenwerk. Connected with structural changes, e.g. dining hall, boiler house and terrace were added. In the autumn of 1999 it was bought by Paul Herold - the owner of the Naupold Mill.

As the only evidence of the former mill operation, the mill race has been preserved in its entire length of about 400 meters.


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