Einführungstext Mühlen

The mills in the Eisenberg Mühltal were operated as grinding, cutting and fulling mills until the beginning of the 20th century. The Kremser rides, which are popular with guests today, were the usual means of transport for the mill operators at that time. The old walls still bear witness to the long history of the mills. But more modern buildings are also part of the Mühltal, such as Milos Waldhaus, which Milo Barus had built in the 1960s. The restaurant and hotel "Zur Kanone" in Tautenhain is located close to the Mühltal and offers numerous interesting stories in addition to hospitality and enjoyment. A special overview of the Eisenberg Mühltal is offered by the mill miniature park at the Robertsmühle. The models, including Mühlbach, are shown on a scale of 1:20.