The Meuschkensmühle

When the strongest man in the world serves dinner

The Meuschkensmühle, which takes its name from its former owner Karl-Friedrich-August Meuschke, was operated quite traditionally as a grinding and cutting mill. It also included a tan mill, which served to grind spruce and oak bark.

Like almost all mills in the Mühltal, the owners ceased milling operations in the early 20th century and set up guest rooms and a restaurant instead. Guests who came to the picturesque valley on the Rauda River for their summer retreat found peace and relaxation here. Around 1930, an "open-air swimming pool Meuschkensmühle" in the Silent Valley also attracted guests and locals to the Mühltal.  The "Rote Pfütze" was quite cold, as only a few rays of sunshine came through the dense forests. Nevertheless, this idyllic place with its spotless white sandy beach and a diving tower attracted many bathers.

At the end of the 1950s, Emil Bahr (better known by his artist name Milo Barus), took over the restaurant. The once "strongest man in the world" was known like a "colorful dog" even after his active time as an artist.  He performed his show in the surrounding villages. Holding five young girls in his arms at the same time? Or lifting a horse? No problem for him! He attracted numerous guests to his inn and had fun lifting countless beer mugs on his arm and serving them to his guests. The story of this impressive man is told today in an exhibition at the Meuschkensmühle. And every year on October 3, the Milo Barus Cup takes place. National and international strength athletes compete in a thrilling competition directly in a small arena across the street from Milo Barus' former place of work. At the end of the 1960s, Milo Barus and his wife sold the mill and the house they had had built as a residence and left the former GDR for Bavaria.

Later the sale was made to the German Post Office and the mill was used as a vacation and training home. In 2000 the mill was closed.

Today there is a boarding house with a restaurant, vacation apartments and an equestrian farm.


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