Milo Barus Cup

In honor of the once strongest man in the world

The once strongest man in the world is honored at a sports competition in Eisenberg's Mühltal.

In 1930, Milo Barus won the title of "World's Strongest Man" at an international competition in Paris. According to stories, he is said to have lifted horses or streetcars off the rails using his own body's strength.

In honor of the strongman, the Milo Barus Cup is held annually on October 3 in the Eisenberg Mill Valley, where Milo Barus lived for a time. At this competition, which is held on the meadow between Milo's forest house and the Meuschkensmühle, participating athletes can demonstrate their physical strength in various disciplines. Every year, more and more spectators come to join in and cheer on the international athletes.

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