The Naupolds Mill

Linger by the idyllic Rauda brook

The exact age of the mill is not known. Probably it existed already in the 13th century. In 1641 Caspar Naupold was the owner of the mill.

The mill had an old and a new grinding gear; a cutting gear and was allowed to keep five donkeys. Since the brook did not always carry enough water, the pond was used as a water supply.

In 1958, the Naupold Mill was sold to the HO Berlin-Friedrichshain restaurants. These gave the Naupoldsmühle 1960 because of uneconomicalness to the VEB "Thüringer Teppichwerke" Münchenbernsdorf. In the years 1960-1963, the mill was converted and expanded into a children's holiday camp and a company holiday home. In 1964 was the reopening.

The construction of the army object in Tautenhain and the associated closure of the surrounding forest areas in the years 1966-1968 caused a decline in the number of visitors. In 1990 the last round of the children's holiday camp took place.  From the year 1993 the private operation took place.

Today the Naupold Mill offers a restaurant, vacation accommodations and a banquet hall for festivities. A small animal enclosure and horse-drawn carriage rides complete the offer.


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