The Parish Mill

Cozy ambience for those seeking relaxation

The parish mill owes its name to a parish family that acquired the mill in the 17th century. However, the Pfarrmühle is much older. It was first mentioned in 1290 in a deed of donation: a merchant from Eisenberg had given the mill to the Eisenberg monastery.

Guests were entertained in the Pfarrmühle for a long time and were offered night quarters. But times were not always rosy: In the early 1980s, a flood caused severe damage in the mill valley. The water was up to the second floor of the then vacation home! The building remained closed for a long time due to the terrible damage and was only rebuilt much later.

Today, vacationers can relax in the middle of the Mühltal in the forest hotel of the Pfarrmühle.
The mill offers a charming ambience with gastronomic supply for family and company celebrations or seminars.


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